Our Aim

We strive to understand each customer's needs, aspirations and conceptualize the design base on our customer requirement.

One-Stop Services

Reno Studio is a one-stop renovation design firm which customers can trust. Our services includes: Flooring, Masonry, Ceiling/Partition, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and many more.

Quality Workmanship

You can be fully assured of quality workmanship as well as timely completion of projects.

Let us help you.

We believe that a house is a home when it’s personalized - your space should show off your taste and personality and lifestyle.

We know that creating a home design that suit each and individual that does all of these things isn’t easy and we are here to help our valued clients to achieve honest and reliable quality work.

We focus on prompt delivery and constantly communicate with our clients to keep them updated with the renovation progress and changes.

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Our Renovation Service

Flooring Work.

Our flooring work include Homogenous tiles, Marble, Granite, Solid Vinyl Plank, RAV Floor, Vinyl Flooring, Resilient Flooring depending on each customers needs and preference.

Masonry Work.

Our masonry services include construct kitchen base, fridge base, washing machine base and shower kerb. Other service such as construct sink support, sink and stove support, seal up of door entrance. bedroom wall and kitchen wall. Overlay of Kitchen floor and wall tiles, overlay of bathroom floor and wall tiles.

Ceiling / Partition Work.

Our ceiling and partition work include L Box, false ceiling, clove design, cornice, wooden ceiling slat and partition wall for additional rooms.

Carpentry Work.

Our carpentry work include TV feature wall, TV console, Platform Bed, Built in shoe cabinet, Built in Casement and Sliding Wardrobe, Kitchen Cabinet, Island, Bar Counter, Bomb Shelter feature wall, Study Table, Bookshelves and more. All our carpentry work are customize to meet individual client needs.

Electrical Work.

Our electrical work include installation and relocation of electrical wiring and casing in either exposed or conceal wiring, installation of oven switch, microwave switch, hood and hob switch and 2 way switch. We also provide services such as supply and replace existing electrical work. For resale flat, we provide rewiring of the whole house.

Plumbing Work.

Our plumbing services include installation of oven, microwave, hood and hob, storage heater, instant heater, toilet bowl, basin, taps, sink, bathroom accessories. For resale flat, we provide removal of the above mention services as well.

Painting Work.

Our painting come with standard and premium packages. For standard package, we provide painting of the house with existing wall condition and exclude painting of door frame. For premium package, we provide patch up of the wall and ceiling to be smooth and include painting of all door frame.

Demolition Work.

Our demolition work include hacking of kitchen wall and floor tiles, service yard wall and floor tiles, removal of existing built in cabinet, bathroom wall and floor tiles. Hacking of wall such as kitchen entrance wall, service yard wall, bedroom wall and removal of existing toilet bowl and basin.

Cement Screed

We provide Cement Screeding service for newly HDB BTO at affordable price.

Show off those skills,
work & awesome projects.

We constantly challenge ourselves to find the best solutions for the most arduous jobs while priding ourselves for paying attention to the smallest details.

Our concept is all about you, your home and your exciting personal taste.

Besides offering excellent customer service, we provides customize 3D perspective drawing that indicate details such as home owner's choice of colours and materials. This is all arranged before work on the home commences.

We want you to make the most out of your space. Renovation can be customized to fit your needs.


From basic guidelines to our pick of materials for every surface in the kitchen, we've got you cover. We plan to maximise interior space and store everything in its place. Choosing the right layout that best suits your space is another important area.

Portfolio includes recently completed project at Blk 162B Rivervale Crescent and Blk 808A Keat Hong Axis BTO.

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