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Reno Studio is a One Stop Renovation design firm which customers can trust.

We strieve to understand each customer's needs, aspirations and conceptualize the design base on our customer requirement.

Our Services

1. Hacking Work ( Hacking of existing built in cabinet, hacking of existing floor and wall tiles, hacking of partition wall, false ceiling ) 
2. Demolition Work ( Demolition of Kitchen Entrance Wall, Bedroom Wall )
3. Flooring Work ( Homogenous, Marble , Vinyl Floor )
4. Masonry Work ( Tiling Work, Cement Screed, Construct Sink and Stove Support, Seal up of Door entrance,  Kitchen Base, Shower Kerb, Fridge Base, Washing Machine Base )
5. Electrical Work ( Rewiring for whole unit, replacing of Switch, Powerpoint, TV point, Tel Point, Heater Switch etc )
6. Plumbing Work (Installation of Bathroom Accessories, Vanity Cabinet, Rain Shower, Instant Heater, Ceiling Fan, Toilet Bowl etc)
7. Carpentry Work ( Kitchen Cabinet, Island TOP, TV console, Feature Wall (TV, Bomb shelther), Shoe CAbinet, Study Table, Platform Bed, Sette, Sliding and Casement Wardrobe )  
8. Aircon
9. Windows Grilles (
10. Glass Work ( Shower Screen , Sliding Glass Door, Swing Glass Door, Mirror, Kitchen Backing )
11. Kitchen Work TOP ( Quartz, IQuartz, Granite, Kompacplus, Silestone)
12. Door Work ( PD Door, Slide and Swing, Fire rate Door, Verneer Door, Solid Door, Sliding Door )
Completion Date 28 May 2016
Project Type BTO 3 Room, BTO 4 Room, BTO 5 Room, HDB Resale, TOP Condo
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